ThatBluBat (preferably Blu) has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 3.


Blu is, someone who is mysterious to many, but is many things. One is that he is a pretty shy person. He has a very monotone voice and always has to speak very silently, since he isn't really the best at being vocally social to people. He also is a very curious person, always wanting to ask so many questions. Whether it be about drama or other situation. But he attends not to since it does annoy people a lot. Many people have some sorts of dislikes to him. Some saying that he is weird and acts rather unusual. Some also consider him as an idiot, cynical, or annoying. Either way, he is a VERY sensitive person, and can either get very upset or pretty angry. So most of the time he tries not to do some stupid moves that'll leave him into trouble.


OSO Intro

Hasn't contributed yet.


Hasn't joined yet.


Hasn't contributed.


  • Wrote for the episode
  • Animated Scene 15b


  • He prefers being called Blu. It's uncomfortable for people to call him BluBat or ThatBluBat, but it isn't a huge dislike of his. Though he does dislike being called Blue, with an E.
  • He has been in some camps. Noticeably The Challenge Box, Camp Battle Royale, and Quick Draw.
  • His favorite contestant in any object show ever is Black Square. He sure loves to praise him.
  • He plays Geometry Dash, which is why his channel is mainly that.
    • His favorite level is Boss 4 Laser Eye by Xender Games.
  • Peacock from Skullgirls is considered his waifu.
  • He also plays Minecraft and Roblox in his time.
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