berry, also known as steppie, has contributed to Open Source Objects since Episode 1. Starting with Episode 4, she is the voice actor of Putty.


A god-given trash infant, steppie is known for oversteppieing and making enemies. Literally everyone is on her hitlist. If you think you aren't, then you probably just aren't aware of it. Remember that typo you corrected about five years and three ago? Yeah, she *remembers* that, sucker. Is unable to sleep in the presence of a loudspeaker.

steppie's currently on the look for a good Total Drama fanfic that is neither bigoted or horny. The search does not end today.


OSO 1 - Storyboarding and Audio

OSO 2 - Script contributions, Audio

OSO 3 - Script contributions, Audio, Animation, Thumbnail

OSO 4 - Script contributions, Thumbnail, idk idr if i did anything else

OSO 5 - Head Writer

OSO Short - Director

OSO Game - Director

OSO Director - Direcotr


*Okay it's not that official.


  • steppie is a member of an underground cabal known as After Hours that controls the online comedy scene from the shadows except she's really more like a weirdo that lurks in the nearby alley.
  • steppie is like pretty mediocre regarding Object Show Analysis but she'll talk your ear off about Fanny and about how it does not matter if you're right, what matters if that you're given the puzzle pieces and are allowed to puzzle them pieces yourself.
  • steppie


  • At 1:34 of Episode 17, steppie's arm wasn't connected to her body


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