BendyApproved has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2.


Sup everyone it’s BendyApproved, I can say my personality is Very nice and friendly! I am kinda an ambivert though heh heh.. So yeah I love TMNT, Miraculous Ladybug, She-Ra and the princesses of power and Invader Zim! So yeah I am generally a happy person! :) I love to draw and animate!

Trivia✨ And some beast facts about your gurl Bendy!

*I like saying the most random things when I’m bored.

*She told all of her friends and family that she got assigned to a scene of OSO 2. She was so happy and all of her friends and family are very proud of her!

*My infobox pfp picture thing is outdated

*she obviously loves to draw and animate :)

*I am cool B)

*She loves Tea.

*She loves to listen to Rap and Pop music.


OSO 2 -

  • Animated Scene 1m.

OSO 3 -

  • Animated Scene 16o.
  • Animated Scene 3s.
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