ame has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.

Some Stuff About Me

(My Wiki handle is Spaciia ;p.)

Uhhh idk. I like to think I'm a very open person and I like helping others, so if you ever need any help or something I'm always open. I love to illustrate and voice act and sing!

I guess I could write a summary of some stuff. I started gettin integrated into the OSC around October 2016 'n I fully got involved once Sprafty came around in December. I was eliminated around March but I was able to meet a lot of new people and I got a lot of new experiences.

Some of my friends include LorenTzel, Diamondcup67, TopHatTheHat, McOddzen, TheEpicJames, Fluffy Bristle, ThatPerson, Nuthatch, Lexikiq, and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting.(Also I'm open to being friends so contact that handy -> Discord user right there if you so please ;).)

I've participated/helped with a few Danganronpas (DRPHTC, Bookronpa, DanganRoleplay) 'n if you've got anything like that, I'm open to helping!


I've contributed to OSO 1(storyboards, voice acting, and illustrating stills/poses), OSO 2 (voice acting, illustrating poses), and OSO 3(voice acting, illustrating stills/backgrounds) so far.


  • I use the words "bruh", "epic", and a lot of blob emojis.
  • I play Toontown, ROBLOX, Celeste, A Hat in Time, Danganronpa, and a plethora of other games.
  • I luv you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I bite my nails way too much and it's probably unhealthy.
  • Loren is way too tall and I'm lucky he didn't kill me at Vidcon.
  • I own a Firey plushie.
  • The icon up there is my sona's icon! You're free to draw her :].
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