"Whoever it is, we'll know them when we see them." - Server
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.********, also referred to as Censored, is a character competing in Open Source Objects.


Extremely powerful - ********'s outgoing, carefree, confident, and perhaps just a smidge cocky of their abilities. While no one knows exactly what kind of object ******** is, ******** couldn't really care less and completely owns their appearance - to them, that's exactly who they are.


******** is a tall, black rectangle with the text "CENSORED" emblazoned on them length-wise. This is meant to emulate censor bars in television, which are used to cover sensitive media.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

******** remains passive for most of the challenge. ******** only acts to pop the two balloons tied to their legs, sending them falling. ******** lands beside Putty, and despite landing on their face, is unscathed and gives a thumbs-up. They are safe from elimination.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

******** and Putty pair up for the challenge, and do not fall over, so they both end up being safe.

Episode 3 - “The Good, the Bad, and the ********”

Censored is placed on Blue Crayon’s team, and makes himself team captain. He asks for ideas, and Putty suggests a fairy tale.


  • ******** can only speak in bleeps.
    • Their bleeps are sine waves with a frequency of 1000 Hertz.
  • ******** is the second contestant to be mentioned in an episode name, the first being Glowing Heart.
  • ******** has a running gag where he trys to do something, fails and Bleeps out of anger.

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